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Thread: tune my rt valve

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    tune my rt valve

    who will tune my rt retro valve with ult and maybe level x for a good price? idk if i need orings but i would supply them if needed

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    BigEvil or Tuna. can't go wrong with either one. they will tune it properly.

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    Sure you don't want to try it yourself? That's half the fun. If so...

    1. Make sure you have a credit card's thickness gap between the back of your trigger and the trigger rod when the marker is pressurized. If not, post back, and we can walk you through adjusting it.

    2. Here are Level 10 instructions.

    3. As for the ULT, install with no shims, and test fire (it may not fire with no shims). Add shims one at a time, test firing between each shim until you like it. If you put too many shims in, you'll get a full auto effect, which although it may sound good, is not a desirable thing.

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    how much does a tune job cost?

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