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Thread: Need A price check please

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    Need A price check please

    Sup guys, new here... been more than a few years since I last played...

    Got a micromag gen2, straight black, with a RT valve in it, and a 12" dye boomstick... any idea what it might be worth, not counting in the dropforward thats on it and some other misc. ****. Been a few years since its been gassed up, last time I used it, it was working great, my revolution couldn't keep up with it when I was bouncing the trig and it turned into a paint blender... I am sure some of the newer hoppers out there could easily keep up..

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    Probably a question better suited for posting in the BST Markers sections. For price, probably $200 or so. If it has a Level X maybe a little bit more. Also, whether it has the factory vert asa typically affects the pricing as does whether it has both feeds. Type of frame effects pricing as well. Posting a pic would help get a better idea.

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