As title states, includes box and parts kit that would come with marker if bought new. Also includes NIB Boss XSV bolt, 11" powdercoated Freak barrel, and NxE harness - $450 shipped

Can also include a Ninja 90/4500 tank for $100. Will also part out for $125 shipped.

Marker is set up as VSC or rear dropout.
Condition is new with only a couple of blemishes/dings right around the vsc drop out changer and the trigger guard.

Phantom will come with everything you see in the pictures.
The stock 11in barrel has been bored by SSC to accept freak inserts which will be included: .687 .684 .682 .679

[S]$450.00 shipped[/S]. Now asking $475 because the Phantom now has a pair of smoke Dye Sticky III and NOT the Hogue .45 sticky grips.

Will also part the case for $100 shipped and the Phantom bundle for $375 shipped.

Also have a plain, glossy black Phantom - $280 shipped or take the black Phantom and case seen above for $375 shipped

- VSC hardline set up
- OC/right hand feed body
- Freak bored stock barrel with full Freak insert set and case
- M16 grip