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Thread: 2003 Prostock Autococker

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    Talking 2003 Prostock Autococker

    S O L D

    2003 Prostock Autococker, Dye Boomstick, with almost everything upgraded.

    Boomstick not marked for bore.

    Previous owner upgraded:

    1) front block with pressure gauge and back block

    2) 3 way, LPR, valve (no idea what valve is in it now)

    3) delrin bolt and bolt pin

    4) Custom Products regulator

    Extra and stock parts, barbs, hoses, LPR, bolt, valve, front/back blocks, detent, bolt pin.

    Shot paint thru it, chopped, so I'm guessing it probably needs timed.

    7.5/10 condition, feedneck has a couple vertical scratches on both sides.

    Trigger is flaking on one side.

    Glued Boomstick has bunker rub.

    $165.00 shipped/Paypal'd USA only.

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