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Thread: Automag RT Pro with Intelliframe

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    Automag RT Pro with Intelliframe

    well guys i bought this one from Stimpysan almost exactly 2 years ago 7/1/2011 to be exact. in the hopes of getting back into paintball again since ive been in since 98. well unfortunately i have not been able to play in all of this time. this gun hasnt even been aired up nor played with since purchasing from him.

    here are the details of what it is , from his old thread that i saved.

    Rt Pro Valve
    Level 10 Bolt
    RT Pro Rail
    Brand New Polished Powerfeed Body
    New Macro Line
    Aluminum Ball Feed Plug
    Chrome ASA
    14" black on black Smart Parts Spiral Ported Barrel

    The rail has a few minor scratches but is in nice shape. The gun RT's very nicely and is actually pretty light
    after i purchased it, i also purchased a AGD dual trigger Intelliframe as the gun had the original plastic fiber frame on it with a single trigger. since it has sat, the orings should still be good or need a few drops of oil before gassing up.

    wanting $350 for everything plus shipping which should be about 10-15 for USPS flat rate shipping. will also drop the price to $250 plus ship if you want the original single trigger frame back on. and then will sell the intelliframe seperately

    also have a ninja SHP regulator that has never been adjusted or installed that was purchased for this setup, can be purchased seperately from the gun.

    will have pictures in a day, PM for best result

    i have one feedback on here, but ive been around since paintballcity had just started, and ive got various different online feedbacks including perfect on ebay of the same name with 273 feedback
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