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    ULT Prototype History

    Does anyone know the history on the ULT prototypes and testing? I searched through many of Tom's product updates prior to its release, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. Apparently, there were mechanical bounce issues that violated tournament rules.

    I am wondering why, with the ULT as released, the ULT on/off pin head diameter is the same as the RT on/off shaft diameter. Since one is only pulling against the pressure X surface area of the shaft diameter (exposed bottom surface of the head diameter cancels out most of the top surface), why wasn't the head diameter of the ULT on/off pin left the same as the RT on/off, and only the shaft diameter reduced? This would give a harder trigger reset but still provide the same trigger pull weight.

    Part of me thinks the shim adjustments would be able to cancel out mechanical bounce.

    The other part of me thinks the difference between trigger pull force and return force would have been too large to cancel out the Mechanical bounce. In other words, with so much force initially pushing the trigger forward just until air can squeeze by the top on/off oring to recharge the dump chamber, and then such a soft trigger pull required to get it to shoot again, perhaps mechanical bounce would be inevitable.

    Are either of these ideas correct, or is there something else I'm not seeing?
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