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Thread: Aftermarket Body/Rail/Frame Library

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    Aftermarket Body/Rail/Frame Library

    I've missed a lot on the Mag aftermarket. Although, I've managed to play a couple times a year since my early college years, I've only recently become active on the forum again. The whole career, wife, house, kid thing otherwise occupied my time.

    There are lots of bodies, rails, and trigger frames that I know nothing about. Is there a central source, similar to the AGD Museum, with manufacturer, release date, description, and pictures?
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    maybe this is something bunny should do for the site

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    Quote Originally Posted by BTAutoMag View Post
    maybe this is something bunny should do for the site
    This is another part of the CMS project that i'm currently working on. There are so many new mags parts coming out it is very hard to organize them all. I thought automags died a while ago....

    Here is the link.... Goto parts and drilldown. That is my basic idea so far. If anyone wants to write up a few helpful posts about the products, all I would need to do is to "Promote" them to an article.

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