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    Thumbs up William Shatner Xmag Project

    AO: While putting together again, I did a lot of research about the infamous Shatner Xmags. It was pretty fun tracking down 3 William Shatner Xmags, but after all my research I realized I probably wouldn't be able to purchase one.

    • Purple: Original Member on AO will be buried with it
    • Black: Sold to a pawn shop in TX
    • Pewter: Used by Mancow. Missing. No information

    For more pictures and information go here...

    Since I really doubt I will be able to track one down I decided to see if I could track down William Shatner instead to see if he would sign an Xmag for me. As luck has it, he is actually going to a convention in Maryland this weekend so I bought a ticket and will be heading there tomorrow to try and get an autograph. Apparently they have rules in place so I will not be able to bring my entire Xmag, so I will have to disassemble it and bring just the body.

    My idea is to laser engrave a few logos onto the existing Xmag. I don't want to directly copy the original purple Xmag, but I want to make it my own. I will keep a few "special" parts on it to make it unique

    What do you guys think? Any cool ideas?

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    Cool. I have always liked the shatner guns. My favorite part it the selector lasering. I will someday get that done to my xmags. Yup Im a star trek fan.

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    I'm also a trekkie and always thought a star trek symbol engraved in batt housing would look awesome. Maybe I'll do something with that pewter Xmag instead of sell it. Too bad ODDPB went down for the count.

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    Needs to be anoed yellow and black with the Starfleet insignia on the battery pack.

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    I went to my first ever "con" at the Shore Leave Sci-Fi convention this past weekend. It was a blast. I was able to meet William Shatner and had him sign my Xmag body. They were pretty hardcore about taking pictures so I just have the crappy cellphone picture of him. I felt pretty nervous having him sign my xmag, but after I saw everyone dressed in costumes I felt okay about the situation.

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    What a goof ball. Always wondered if he was as funny and entertaining in real life as he is in most anything he does acting wise.

    Glad you had fun and got the gun signed. Now where are the display chick picks!?!

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    Without the hopper and barrel it could pass for a phaser.
    Forest Gump of paintball

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