AO: While putting together again, I did a lot of research about the infamous Shatner Xmags. It was pretty fun tracking down 3 William Shatner Xmags, but after all my research I realized I probably wouldn't be able to purchase one.

  • Purple: Original Member on AO will be buried with it
  • Black: Sold to a pawn shop in TX
  • Pewter: Used by Mancow. Missing. No information

For more pictures and information go here...

Since I really doubt I will be able to track one down I decided to see if I could track down William Shatner instead to see if he would sign an Xmag for me. As luck has it, he is actually going to a convention in Maryland this weekend so I bought a ticket and will be heading there tomorrow to try and get an autograph. Apparently they have rules in place so I will not be able to bring my entire Xmag, so I will have to disassemble it and bring just the body.

My idea is to laser engrave a few logos onto the existing Xmag. I don't want to directly copy the original purple Xmag, but I want to make it my own. I will keep a few "special" parts on it to make it unique

What do you guys think? Any cool ideas?