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Thread: Think it's time to sell. Custom E-Mag

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    Think it's time to sell. Custom E-Mag

    I am considering letting this go. The good: Custom anoed RPG body and rail with matching strangler feedneck. Lowers are ULE milled with additional milling on battery box (bottom as well) as well as around the trigger guard. Tunablade, X Mod 1.8, Lukes blem panels and selector switch. Lowers are all custom anodized dust gun metal grey. IMO, very sharp. The bad.. When the company that anodized the lowers, I think they may have left it in the acid for just a hair too long. While the screws all hold, they just feel like they could strip easily and I had to drop a couple of globs of JB Weld in the magnet well in the top of the frame to firm it up. I also put a drop of super glue on the trigger pin, let it dry and pushed it in to make sure it fits snug. Truthfully, none of this affects the performance of the marker, but I need to be upfront about it and the fact that the lowers should probably not be stripped again.

    Couple of pics:

    Currently has a polished silver CP on/off. I have well over $1k into this between parts, milling, anodizing etc, and I know I will not be able to get anywhere near this. I am going to put a price of $800, but MAKE AN OFFER!


    I might be willing to part out the lowers etc if everything is spoken for, or the majority of it is. It will not come with a charger or barrel.

    I only accept Paypal. I would prefer to only ship within CONUS, but if you are in Canada and willing to gift the payment, we can work something out.
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