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Thread: New Saints Row 4 sends you to space... LITERALLY

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    New Saints Row 4 sends you to space... LITERALLY

    you can buy a 1 million dollar limited edition that comes with a ticket to SPACE!

    heres what's included when you buy the game:

    •"Saints Row IV: Commander-in-Chief Edition"

    •A full-size replica "Dubstep Gun," a comical in-game weapon that makes enemy targets start dancing to Skrillex-esque music

    •A day of "spy training," whatever that means

    •A spot on board the Virgin Galactic space plane

    •A Lamborghini Gallardo and a year's membership in the E25 Supercar Club

    •A brand new Toyota Prius with a year's worth of insurance, because one car just isn't enough

    •A plastic surgery procedure of the purchaser’s choice

    •A shopping spree complete with a personal shopper

    •A week-long stay for two at The Jefferson Hotel in Washington, D.C.

    •Another week-long stay for two in the Top Royal Suite at the Burj-al-arab hotel in Dubai, complete with air travel

    •Something called a "hostage rescue experience"

    full story:

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    Full of win, no?

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    if I had won this past powerball lotto, i'd so be down for buying this...

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