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Thread: freak barrel inserts

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    freak barrel inserts

    so i have a couple freak barrels but only own aluminum inserts...what are the advantages of stainless inserts? disadvantages?

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    Stainless is slightly heavier. But, on something as small as the insert the difference isn't noticeable.
    Stainless is much stronger and durable. This is something that most times isn't ever gonna come into play with the insert. With the aluminum inserts, the beveled ends are very thin. I've seen them get decent sized knicks and whatnot on these edges. Wouldn't have probably happened with the stainless counterparts. Oh, and the stainless ones are all the same color. May seem insignificant, but if I had a custom anno'd marker and barrel it would be nice to not have some off colored insert sticking out there.

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    the main difference in the SS and the AL inserts is the ID. the SS has a more accurate ID than the aluminium inserts. so a .684 IS a .684 and not a .680 or a .687. the aluminium ones can vary widely, like .003+/-. other wise only the look, the anno'd versus stainless.

    though if the paint in your area is on the smallish size(like less than .680), getting a set of brass inserts from TyMcNeer on MCB is worth it.

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    I did see ANS has smaller inserts in the stainless variety the other day. .675, .677 and .679. I believe .682 was the smallest in the original stainless version.

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