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    Loader of Choice

    Probably already discussed elsewhere but I will ask anyways.

    What is your loader of choice? By that I mean which loader do you play with most because it is the most reliable, most efficient, best fits your needs etc? I play with an Eggy 4 and never see myself needing anything more. Why do you play with the loader that you do?

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    Warpless halo too with a high torque slot car motor

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    revvy most of the time, proph when i need the speed (rarely)
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    I typically take 4 hoppers/loaders with me when I play. Winchester, Sportshot, Revy and HaloV35. First three for pump depending on how I feel for the day, last one for anything else.

    I will say that I am truly impressed with the Rotor, I'm just too cheap to buy one. Brother bought one a couple of years ago and the ease of taking it apart is awesome!

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    Q Loader!

    Because it makes for a compact and low profile setup. When paired with a warp bodied mag there is nothing sitting on top of the marker.

    Since I mainly play woods & recball, and since I don't shoot large volumes of paint I find that the approx 100 round capacity fits my style of play well.

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    On my S6 I use either a Sportshot, Revy, or an APP 50rnd hopper with an APP pod lid. On my Mags or an electro I use a Rotor.

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    I have a warpless magna setup, but it is a pain to clean. A rotor... its meh... but I really love the spire, quiet, auto unjam, extremely easy to take apart for cleaning and not a super blimp, I recommend giving the spire a spin

    I've tried others but ease to disassymble and quietness are important for me since with my injury I rely on a slow stealth game
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