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Thread: warp feed diverter plate

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    warp feed diverter plate

    I did a search for this topic but sadly didn't find anything. I am the new owner of a warp feed. I dissembled it but can't figure out where the diverter plate goes (or what screws go into the 10-32 square nuts that go beneath it). The only place that I can get it to fit is in between the urethane discs, although it seems like the diverter would be in the way of the paintballs when they travel through the warp feed...

    Can anybody help me out?

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    The plate goes between the two ball holes in the warp. It sits with the flat side towards the top and the curved portion towards the center (between the discs). It will make perfect sense once you put it in. Without it the balls would just travel around in a circle and jam up.

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    I saw that the plate goes in between the two big, spinning urethane discs?

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    Yes, at the top. That way the paint feeds in one side, travels down and around the circle, and then out the other side. Without the diverted plate there the paint would just continue to circle around rather than come out the other side.

  5. #5 I understand!! Thanks guys; I finally got it back together

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