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Thread: sleeper pneumatic project wts/wtt

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    sleeper pneumatic project wts/wtt

    I'm really on the fence about letting it go but seeing as I'm trying to build my nephews each a mag I'll just test the waters a bit.:-)
    I'll list a price of 600$ but would rather trade for a couple of ule mags with double triggers.their valves can be any functional one or I'll be interested in a y frame ule with xvalve.

    What you see is what you get minus my washing machine lol.
    Angle 90 degree frame with pneumatics installed, spare lpr,hose,angel grips and the rail.
    You should only need a body and valve to be up and going,well maybe a bit of tuning too.:-)
    I traded for this and just never got around to completing it.I think Renie had a hand in this project too.

    I added a body and xvalve along with price adjustment. :-) the xvalve needs on/off pin
    Thanks for looking
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