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Thread: SOLD-AGD Sydarm - One week sale

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    SOLD-AGD Sydarm - One week sale


    I am currently looking to raise some money for a non paintball purchase. I have this marker in another thread with a couple of other markers for sale. I am putting this on a one week sale for $275 shipped/Paypaled to the US only with no trades. If it does not sell, it will go back to prior price and I may even take it off the block.

    The Sydarm. It has a Benchmark 45 frame with safety and the valve has been devolumized (the insert was made by hill160881 from AO) $325(Now $300)(As above, now $275 for a week)

    I just put a 12gr in it and it cycled with no leaks. I also have the holster and original grip frame.

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