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What are you using again? I use Audacity (open source) and find it pretty easy to work with. That's how I determined that my SHP reg set to 1100 psi on my Emag (the day the battery died) was way too fast. Video here, showing a clip of me dumping a Q-pod into a metal bunker to make some noise, at 20.5 bps (@ 1:00 mark): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djHYk...d4sbiE-b8d6hQ#
I was using ZS4 as an audio and video editor for my own stuff. I haven't taken anything to "production" with it yet, still using Windows Movie Maker for that. What I've been doing for peoples vids on youtube is keepvid.com -> AoA Audio Extractor -> Audacity. Audacity has a "higher resolution" for the wave forms so they are easier to read. ZS4 is a nice little program once you get the hang of it though.