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Thread: Video: Pnuemag vs. SHP RT mag

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    What are you using again? I use Audacity (open source) and find it pretty easy to work with. That's how I determined that my SHP reg set to 1100 psi on my Emag (the day the battery died) was way too fast. Video here, showing a clip of me dumping a Q-pod into a metal bunker to make some noise, at 20.5 bps (@ 1:00 mark):
    I was using ZS4 as an audio and video editor for my own stuff. I haven't taken anything to "production" with it yet, still using Windows Movie Maker for that. What I've been doing for peoples vids on youtube is -> AoA Audio Extractor -> Audacity. Audacity has a "higher resolution" for the wave forms so they are easier to read. ZS4 is a nice little program once you get the hang of it though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pgop2.0 View Post
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    This is the most consistent single second. It's a little all over the place, but that is what always happens with trigger walking. Without software to normalize (in fact enhance) ROF, all trigger walking would look and sound like that. Still that's very impressive for a purely mechanical trigger.
    I always kinda figured I was in the ballpark there, cool to know! Thanks!
    Steve Shuey , Team Crimson Reign

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