Was looking through the MOTM threads the other day and thought of something that I think would be interesting. I know there are some hardcore gun whores around here, hopefully enough to be able to make a go at such a competition. Here's the angle. There are IMO, 4 types of Mags. Mechanical, E-Mag (electro), Pneu Mag, and Pump Mag. How about having a special MOTM, where entrys have to be able to cover all four categories? In otherwards, each person entering has to have one of each category and the judging/voting is on the group of markers offered up by each entry? If 4 is too many, perhaps we could reduce it to three, but each has to be from a different category... I would also say one of the ground rules is each marker has to be complete, including a barrel.

Anyone else think it would be interesting?