I'm not really sure where to put this post because of the subject matter so I guess that Paintball Talk would be appropriate.

I am just letting the community know that I just recently purchased a set of 2 EMAG Lowers with XMOD 1.8 BETA software installed on both. I am not trying to step on anyone's toes here but I want to make sure that all parties are justly compensated for their time and efforts especially Lornecash for developing such great software.

With that being said, now that I own 2 EMAG lowers with XMOD am I supposed to purchase 2 programmers from Lornecash (one for each copy of the software) to validate that the software was acquired through legal means? I have been doing a little research here on the forums and I did not realize that the unjust possession of the XMOD 1.8 BETA software has been a hot-topic debate which is why I want to be completely transparent here.

Now my intent is not to implicate anyone on just pure speculation but I would like to know what I need to do now to avoid any negative repercussions from obtaining the software second hand.

I know I am fairly new to this forum but the short time I have been here I have experienced nothing but good things in terms of its members being honest, helpful and open minded. Therefore, I make this post so I can do my part as a constructive member of this community.

So Lornecash or Tunaman, please let me know the appropriate protocol now for purchasing XMOD1.8 BETA from a 3rd party.

Best Regards,