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Thread: Swiss Turning and Possibly Centerless Grind Capabilities

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    Swiss Turning and Possibly Centerless Grind Capabilities

    I am looking for someone with these capabilities to work on a concept on/off assembly. Please let me know if you have these capabilities and if you are interested in this type of work. Thank you.

    Edit: I assume these are the machine tools required, but I've seen many talented machinists produce great items on machines I wouldn't think possible. If you can hold the dimensions and tolerances of the current on/off assemblies on a different machine, let me know.
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    Hmm. Interested in what you have in mind. Not particularly interested in getting into the "for hire" realm at this time. But, if it's something I'd like for myself, I could be persuaded into possibly doing something. You can PM me details if you prefer to do that vs posting it here.

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