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Thread: How can I make these modifications to an EMAG????

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    Unhappy How can I make these modifications to an EMAG????

    I have an RT right now and I have a couple of things that I really like about it that I donít like about the EMAG. But I want an EMAG!!!! So help me figure a way around these issues.

    1. I like that on an RT I can remove the valve assembly without having to disconnect any kind of air hose.
    2. On my RT I have a very short SS hose running from the tank to the bottom of the foregrip and then everything after that is solid. No hose flopping around. With an EMAG you have to have a hose flopping on the side of the gun.

    I need a way that I can connect the nitro to the valve with a line that is incredibly sturdy but will also allow me to remove it easily between games without the need for a wrench.

    I considered macro-line but Iíve seen people running through the woods get it caught on a branch and break when they tugged on it. A braided stainless steel line is obvious but will hang just like the macro-line; it wonít break but you canít disconnect it without a wrench). Same thing goes for a solid steel line.

    Help, all ideas are welcome. Maybe a mixture of ideas will provide a good solution.

    Thanx, Dave.

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    Quick disconnect?

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    yeah get a quick disconnect here i will show you what a quick disconnect looks like if you dont know what one looks like. this is a really ugly one by the way lol
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    you see????

    all you do it turn yuor air source off and "qucikly disconnect" lol.

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    Roger that, use a quick disconnect male on your valve, and a quick disconnect female on the SS hose side.

    If you don't have an easy on/off on your nitro tank, you can just use a slide check right behind the female quick disconnect, so you don't have to degas your entire marker to take out the valve.
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