Hello all,

I have just recently upgraded my AGD RT ULE Custom with E-MAG lowers.

Last year I was running the RT ULE custom with a ULE trigger pull kit tuned and installed by AGD being fed by a Ninja PRO SHP 1100 psi tank. Needless to say the gun was tuned almost perfectly super reactive (over 20 bps) but not so reactive that the trigger would runaway.

Fast forward almost a year, I decided to upgrade my RT ULE custom with a set of EMAG lowers. In addition to the lowers I also purchased and installed an EMAG on/off assembly complete with quad o-ring and 0.712 pin. Now after having installed the lowers and new on/off assembly the marker goes runaway in mechanical mode when using the Ninja PRO SHP 1100 psi tank; however, in E-mode she shoots fine. I am just curious if anyone has had the same problems with a similar set up?

After doing a little research, I have come to speculate that the primary cause of the problem is the shorter (0.712) on/off pin. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I have read that the shorter on/off pins are super reactive and I am assuming that this is what is causing my marker to go runaway but I would like to confirm this with someone who is more experienced.

So I'm considering two solutions, either change to a longer on/off pin (even though the recommended pin is the 0.712 for EMAGS) or remove shims from the Ninja PRO SHP 1100 psi tank in order to drop the output pressure of the tank to its lowest setting of 950 psi hopefully dropping the reactivity of the trigger more so it no longer goes runaway.

Has anyone else had problems with their EMAG going runaway while in Mech mode with a Ninja PRO SHP 1100 psi tank?

Please let me know.

Best Regards