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35. You may not vote on this poll

    8 22.86%
  • Collection OTM (regardless of what it is)

    10 28.57%
  • 4 Marker Types (Mech, Electro, Pneu, Pump)

    12 34.29%
  • 3 Marker Types (Mech, Electro, Pneu)

    5 14.29%
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Thread: So, September MOTM??'

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    So, September MOTM??'

    I thought about doing a poll so we could gather what people want to do next month.

    EDIT: Let me clarify what I was thinking a little bit better, so that we avoid confusion. I really though of something that shows someone's collection of Mags. It's not that I would do 3 or 4 separate categories as we do every month, as I believe that would just be a little bit more of the same and we would risk having few contestants afterall. My idea would be to have a single picture of a set of guns, all together.

    Also, when I say "Electro", I mean anything that runs on bateries. Be it an eMag, X-Mag, SFL, VER, e-Pneu, Devil Mag, Hyper frame'd Mag, SpyderMag, EgoMag, ShmegoMag , whatever. For pneu, I think it's a mech-pneu frame, be it a custom one or a G-Force frame. For Mech, I mean anything that's not Electro nor Pneu (as explained before) and for Pump, well, it has to be a pump Mag, be it whatever pump kit you want (factory, XM-15, Rainman's etc).

    But, again, a single pic with lots of awesome looking Mags.

    One extra thing: do previous MOTM winners qualify for that or no? I think we should try avoiding it but please let me know.

    EDIT 2: And Luke is absolutelly right when he say " long as they still owned the markers". That would certainly be a must in this case.
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