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35. You may not vote on this poll

    8 22.86%
  • Collection OTM (regardless of what it is)

    10 28.57%
  • 4 Marker Types (Mech, Electro, Pneu, Pump)

    12 34.29%
  • 3 Marker Types (Mech, Electro, Pneu)

    5 14.29%
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Thread: So, September MOTM??'

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    Quote Originally Posted by OPBN View Post
    Wasn't including you. Wasn't including anyone specific actually. Although there are a few that consistently seem to go out of the way to be a hinderence to a lot of the discussions here. Just agreeing that no matter what comes of this somebody will have an issue with it.

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    I personally like the idea of submitting 3 markers within 4 marker types. If this is done every three months, I think we could see some pretty good submissions and more participation. One submission per member per quarter. Allow a submission each quarter as long as it's not a duplicate submission. And I know there are more than a few people here who have enough markers to make a submission each quarter. COTQ in March, June, September and December. COTY named in January. Obviously, with it being so late in the year there are only gonna be potentially two submissions this year. But, that would give it time to let this progress and adjust rules or guidelines. Just my thoughts.

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    Yes, maybe a special one per quarter would be cool. Lets see how it goes next month, though. Thanks everyone for the ideas and for the support!

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