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Thread: Anyone bought a Flatline Regulator?

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    Question Anyone bought a Flatline Regulator?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to buy the Flatline Reg. by I can install it on my tank?
    I was on the phone with AGD today and it totally slipped my mind to ask about it!! I think it is the old age catching up with me!
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    I sent an email to agd...but still no answer.
    Anybody else know?

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    they won't sell seperately
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    I had the same question. Im looking into buying a shocker, and Im gonna use co2 for a while, then buy a new reg.. I want a flatline, but if i have to resort to a Max Flow, I will. (You can fit diffrent regs on a crossfire stub, right?)

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    You would never want to mount the reg to a tank on your own. This is something for a qualified air smith. If you do not tourq the reg down on the bottle correctly, you can cause yourself and most likely other people some serious injuries.

    Also, the threads are not a total standard. I might be mistaken, but I think there are 3 different type of tank threads.

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