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Thread: F/S/T Minimag, Tippmanns, + Mechs

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    Cool F/S/T Minimag, Tippmanns, + Mechs

    Prices are pretty firm. Shipping is $5 no matter how much you buy. Shipping to Canada will be discussed. Please post and then pm to call dibs. NFS = NOT FOR SALE. Trade options at bottom.

    Polished Minimag: SOLD AND HEADING OVER SEAS!

    Body-Less Automag: $165

    Tippmann A5 Mech: SOLD


    Tippmann Gryphon: $45obo

    Spyder Rodeo: SOLD

    Piranha: $40obo

    Trade Options:
    - Anything Automag
    - Sydarm
    - Pump Mag
    - Half Block Cocker
    - Apex 2 Deadlywind Adapter
    - 16cu/3k Tank
    - 7" Tablet
    - Custom Mill Work Service
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