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    FST Qloader Products

    As a lot of you may know I was going to make a new FST thread,well here it is.



    This is also for sale on MCB

    Mainly looking for cash but I wouldn't mind a trade if you have a item I may find interesting.
    Will also take a spire 260, deadly winds fiber X kit and some freak inserts, and some AGD stuff.

    All prices are shipped unless stated otherwise. All prices are +paypal fees.

    Don't send cash until I tell you to, I want to receive cash when I am able to ship soon after, so if I tell you to wait to send cash then I'm doing it to be more convenient for the both of us.

    Bundles will cost slightly less. If you want specific pics to be taken of an item just ask. I ship USPS unless you want otherwise. I will do cheapest shipping unless your in a hurry, if so let me know answer can work something out.

    I will ship within 48 hours of receiving payment,if I run into any problems you will be notified immediately.

    When you pm me, include your address and a precise order of what you want.i will get back to you shortly and then tell you when I can ship. I will ship to anybody who has reserved items already first. I serve on a first come first serve basis.

    Ay questions? Just pm me.

    List of pending items and to whom they are pending

    B2K357: 2 Qpods, if I can get another CMS and crank I will let you know.

    If you are on this list and want to take something off then let me know. If anything you want doesn't show up It probably means I'm all out.

    Now onto everything and the pics.

    Mod kits.
    (Top half)
    (Bottom half)
    Top to bottom rows,
    2 salvos $60 shipped
    2 A-5s (1 sold) $53 shipped
    2 98s $45 shipped
    2 phenoms $75 shipped (1 sold)
    2 X7 (newer phenoms) $75 shipped
    2 Tiberius $140 shipped
    2 NXT $36 shipped

    Want a kit for your marker but not sure which one? Check here!
    Not on the list? Just Pm me!

    Misc Qloader parts

    2 standard mounting systems (1 sold) keeping the other
    2 RIS Rails $32 shipped (1 sold)

    More misc parts (Qloader and AGD) AGD products are not new

    1 Twist left/twist right Minimag body $30 shipped
    1 beat up CF stock automag barrel $7
    2 90* elbows $10 shipped (1 sold)
    Handful of field strip screws $9 each
    1 feedtube plug $3
    1 drop forward $2 (will throw in free depending on your purchase)

    Feed systems

    2 silos (1 sold) $10 (these are weird so this is plus shipping)
    A ton of feed tubes (free just ask)
    Manuel's and tips (free just ask)

    First come first serve.

    Post then PM. If something is sold out/all are pending then pm me and I will let you know if anything frees up.

    And here is a random dancing banana


    Oh yea and this is for sale also, $235 amazing pistol in amazing condition

    What it is:
    AM/MM Rail
    1 Pistol modded Minimag body
    (Welded to body) noxx 10 round clip.
    Minimag barrel 10/10
    Standard CF single trigger frame.
    AM/MM Sear
    Chrome sight rail
    12g bucket changer
    Extra ASA
    It's pistol has been modified even more than in pictures and can now run off of 12g's

    Chrono's at 295-300 every shot and shoots as straight as a laser.

    Also the pistol is a "10+1+1" because it holds one in the barrel, 10 in the clip, and one in between.

    TAKE EVRYTHING I HAVE LEFT FOR $535 shipped. $675 if you buy the pistol to. I need to get cash and quit the sport, I really need the cash right now.
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