I feel that I got really lucky yesterday and picked up a Qloader system on craigslist for $50. The previous owner said he attempted to put it on one of his markers a few years ago but had installation issues (he didn't elaborate). Almost everything was still in the plastic and came with 5 100 round Qpods. After setting up the system on a classic mag this morning, it took me about 3 hours to get the system to work properly. From what I could tell; Qloaders do not like re-balls, proper pre-winding is a MUST (something the previous owner, I feel, didn't understand) and since it had been sitting around a few years a few drops of oil seemed to help things. Is there anything else I should be aware of with this system?

I shot about 100 rounds with it and was really impressed with it. I noticed that a Qpod is slightly larger that a normal pod and they don't fit in any of my current packs. Any advice on a good pack for these Qpods? I assume anything with elastic will help.

For anyone that has used/uses this system, in your opinion, is it worth it? I definitely like the idea of moving the loader under the barrel. Any advice would help. Thanks.