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    Nice little ULE

    Just threw this together tonight from some parts I have been collecting and nice Logic UMF that I found on Bacci

     photo IMG_1131_zpsb4b6289d.jpg

    I think i am going to try tune this into an RTing beast. I have only used a maxflo once and then realized that I did not have a great way to depressurize the line. Any one have any good tips. I have seen slide checks mentioned before but I have always thought they were a little bulky.

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    Shut the air off and dry fire a couple of times.

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    I was using macro and I couldn't pop it even after dry firing

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    Good question. I was going to do this with my set up that I was going to put a Max Flow on. I was going to use macro as well. Have you tried letting it sit for awhile and see if the air just seeps out the valve? There must be just enough pressure to keep the macro on, but not allow the gun to fire. Have you tried using something small like a flat head screw driver to put the sear back into the frame to help clear the valve on/off? That little bit of air might be a problem for me so I'm interested in what you do.

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    If you don't want the bulk of a slide check you could look into a proconnect.... Macro is not ideal for a high pressure rt set up anyway, goes boom quite dramatically. Braided line ftw!
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    pro-connect or a toxic toys venom high line deluxe with a slide check. cant go wrong with either of those. tha pro-connect will definitely be alot easier to find tho!

    high line deluxe:

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    Originally I hooked this up on my x-mag and I wasn't trying to boost the pressure just get the valve tuned and that's when I ran into the issue. I ended up using one of my screw in tanks and letting this one sit. When I put this together it reminded me of the problem. I am kind of just curious to see what people have come up with. It is going to end up with braided at some point.

    I will have to check out the proconnect, thanks

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