Hey guys I am new to this forum, but I was curious if someone could help me out. I want to mount a dye rotor hopper on my Automag Rt Pro but the feed-neck on the gun is the same size as the feed-neck on the rotor. I was curious if their is any kind of adapter that will keep my gun looking good. Previously I had to make one out of PVC pipe then spray paint it, but it looked like crap. I talked to one of the people who works in the shop at my local field who also runs Automags and he told me I need something like a CCM angel feed-neck or something like that, I cant remember what he told me to get. Im am looking to take another trip to my field on September 22nd so a quick reply would be nice so I have time to order it before I play. Also my gun has matching serial numbers, is there any way to see when it was made? Serial: VV8826

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