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    PMI Piranha
    Got this as a freebie from Skirmish USA for leading a big group. I STILL have that Revvy - original shells and all.

    Automag RT Pro
    That was an old JT Speed Load system. Stainless tank, stainless body - god that thing was heavy.

    AGD E-Mag

    Pewter X-Mag

    Alias Intimidator 1
    By far my favorite shooting gun of all time. Techna trigger, delrin reg pistons, adjustable ram cap.

    Ripper 2 Intimidator
    I don't have an actual pic of the gun, but it was colored and accessorized just like this one.

    Angel '05 Speed
    Ended up losing this along the way. I sent it out to Ken Crane for work but, between kid, marriage and lack of email communication back - this one is just gone.

    Palmer's Nasty Typhoon
    Ended up trading for this during my gun-whore days. Remember bringing it to the field and all the new kids were all "that's stupid" and the older guys were all "that's awesome."

    PBX Autorocker
    I was in on the development and testing of the MQ valve and this gun. I wasn't playing nearly enough to warrant having this gun (which was technically in pieces when I received it) so I ended up selling it.

    MQ2 Freeflow Lotus Autococker
    Mike Quinn (MQ) is a good friend of mine (in each other's weddings, he's my son's Godfather) so as a "tribute" I have a Freeflow Lotus body that I found on Ebay put together using one of the new MQ2 valves. (Only thing missing on this pic is the reg - an AKA 2 Litre+ in chrome and delrin bolt.) -

    Update: Parted the MQ2 valve, sold the valve & traded the gun.
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