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Thread: Emag valve. On off pin keeps sticking WAY out after degassing.

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    Emag valve. On off pin keeps sticking WAY out after degassing.

    So, if anyone remembers my travels through "buying a used emag" land, I finally bucked up and bought the pin, rebuild kit, and battery from Tunaman (thanks!). My baby works! In mech, in electro, the whole nine yards.

    Now, the idiot I bought it from messed with everything. Even just had to extend the sear rod that goes to the mech trigger to make it so the bolt doesn't stick after two shots. Think I got it right, might be a little too long. But that's not the issue.

    After degassing the damn on/off pin sticks like WAY out. It's even further out than if I take the whole assembly out and push the pin down to the top of the assembly, if you can understand my illustration.

    What could be causing this most unfortunate event?

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    You need to have the trigger rod length set correctly, then put it in Mech mode and pull the trigger before taking the valve out. This will set the pin in the on/off so you can pull the valve.
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    If you have calipers, here's the correct specs (from the sticky thread):

    Trigger Rod: 2.125"

    Solenoid Plunger Rod: 3.005"

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