Well this will be my first (sorta) build thread. I will need a lot of you guys to give me your opinions, suggestions, and help.

Well here is what I want to do. I have an old T8 lying around and it's been broken for a while and I have been to lazy to send it in, I will be doing this soon after I make another sale or two with my Qloader cache. Well anyways what I'm looking to do is make a lightweight and compact Yet high capacity pistol. I'm looking to do this through a custom Qloader mount straight the the grip and using the clip itself as a passageway for the paintballs into the breach. I'm hoping to make this so I do little to no work on the marker itself and keep it strictly to the magazine. But nonetheless I am still willing to do what I can to make it a worthy build.

From what I remember is that a T8 would get a solid 21 shots before shoot down would occur, the biggest concern I have with this build is if there is anything I could do to dramatically increase efficiency? I'm hoping for anywhere between 30-50 shots. I'm not willing to use a remote line, they frustrate me. Are there any efficiency mods I could work on? And what's the smallest HPA/CO2 tank I could get? If not then would there be any good way to be able to up the gram size of the CO2 cartridges? I'm willing to modify the magazine as much as needed.

Also I'm going to need some custom Qloader help (yes, a Qloader tech asking for help). I need help because I know the product within the limits of warranty and "intended use". I am interested (to an extent) in the Mini Qloaders I have seen around. The thing is, I don't know where to start, what to do, and what risks I would be taking,so any and all information, opinions and advice would be appreciated on these, in case if you don't know already I am a Qloader tech so I know all you need to know about the actual system itself as it was designed by the company, so I need no advice and such on the normal Qloader. Im hoping to have a Qloader that carries exactly as much as I can shoot (would stack the tube before use). But bottom line, is I want to keep the Qloader as small and lightweight as it can be, I want to avoid any unnecessary extra carrying capacity.

So this way I have both the perks of a pistol and a full marker. This, in my opinion and view, would make for a BA pistol. It has high capacity, yet keeping it with no profile and lightweight. Also all I would want past this is a way to keep it on to the bottom of the grip, yet comfortable and appealing to the eye, meaning no feedtube to keep it appealing

Any thoughts, views, suggestions etc...? I hope you guys understand the idea I'm getting at here.