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Thread: Redlined Automag Project Finished

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    Redlined Automag Project Finished

    So I'm nearing completion of my Redlined/Nummech Automag and wanted to share with the mag community. some of you may remember this when it was just mechanical. It was a very difficult and frustrating project, but it was worth it. I had to modify the rail to fit the Mini Gs eyeboard and modified the eyeboard. Some trimming and resoldering was necessary. Last thing is to anno the rail dust black and maybe tighten up the settings. I may want to get the back of the rail milled to angle more. But other than that it shoots great. The video is very short just to show it functions. I'll have a better video after I make some trigger adjustments.
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    Just uploaded the finished product. I had the rail annodized, put a new barrel and tuned up the trigger. I should have a much better shooting video soon.

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    I really like the look of the Nummech frame and GS grip on there! I'd be interested to see the guts on this...

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    I added a few pics of the insides. It pretty much functions like an Axe.

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    Great job man. Super impressive.

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    Very nice loving the look!

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