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Thread: She lives!

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    She lives!

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    Special thanks to tuna for the valve and body.

    Extra awesome thanks to Luke for the rail and feed cup, and all the help figuring this beast out!

    Shout out to Doc for the tanto barrel, it shoots awesome even with cruddy field paint!

    The intelliframe and forgrip came to me from one of the members here, along with a matching dye ultra lite, thanks to you!

    Points to Mondoatx, took the time to message me about my thread and ended up saving the day completely.

    Kudos to sandman for getting me the o rings I needed to play this past Saturday! Thanks dude you rock!

    You guys are the best. Going back to fifth grade I have dreampt of getting my hands on an x mag. I did a class project about AGD and wrote a letter to Tom, in the fifth grade, (maybe 2004?) I feel like I'm writing an acceptance speech for an award. Anyways, dream come true, blah blah blah.

    If I were to end up at tuna ball, would it be like that episode of Bob's burgers where he goes to the burger convention?
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    yes, i could have purchased something new for the same money.

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    Jeet yet ?
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    Very cool man!

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    Yeah man... the valve color and body color matching is pretty sick...

    And glad to help BTW (learned that trick from Stedspitcher)... Glad to return the favor and actually help someone fix something here for once... seems like I am always asking how to fix my own stuff...

    And yes... Tuna and Luke and Doc and Sandman are all great!

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