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    Talking LVL 10 Tuning Help

    Hello all,

    I have a level 10 bolt tuning question.

    I have been attempting to tune my level 10 bolt and I am having leak issues. When I gas it up I do not get the leak, but when I perform the squeegee test on the LVL 10 it chuffs and resets itself like its working properly but it then it will start to leak slowly down the barrel after chuffing and resetting a few times.

    Now, I can cause the leak to stop one of two ways after it occurs. I can stop the leak by putting a little pressure on the trigger or I can stop the leak by pushing on the bolt just a little after it has reset. Either approach will cause the leak to stop; however, this slow leak happens every time I squeegee test the LVL 10 bolt.

    I have added shims but that doesn't seem to help; adding them actually seems to make the slow leak occur more often after squeegee testing. Right now I'm down to the lowest carrier (ID 0) so I can't go any lower on the carrier size. As for the spring, I'm running the long silver bolt spring to lessen the impact force during the squeegee test because I'm feeding the mag with a Ninja SHP 1100 psi Tank.

    If anyone has any ideas please lemme know.


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    I would still try other springs, the input psi does not affect the impact force, chrono it and it will have the same impact force as it would with 850psi.

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    I've been primarily working off the following thread:

    Reading through this thread the author mentions that the longer and stiffer the spring the gentler it is on paint because the bolt will move with less force at the same velocity setting. Testing with my finger I noticed the longer stiffer spring was gentler.

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    I donno if this will help or not, but when I got the marker from AGD they had installed 3 shims in the LVL 10 kit. However, I have found that removing shims makes the leak occur less frequently so right now I'm down to 0 shims.

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    Please follow these instructions.

    If you still get intermittent leaking after tuning to the above instructions, try a new bolt stem oring. Sometimes unseen flaws in the oring can cause these issues.
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