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Thread: single pod pack?

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    single pod pack?

    so i got my q loader set up and shot through a pod in no time, since they only hold about 100 balls it got me thinking about a single pod pack...its a rare occasion if i do go through my hopper in a game or two with my vlocity jr so im not worried about running out of paint w/ a q pod per game...anyways, i would like to have the option to use a second q pod if needed; so my question is, has anyone ever had a single pod pack...i was looking at something like the one in the link but dont know if it comes with a belt or not ...can these be mounted horizontally on your lower back instead of vertically...i know i can use any pod pack and only put 1 pod in it but cant really get comfortable with the big straps that they usually have...any suggestions/help appreciated

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    Brass Eagle and Viewloader used to make a dual-pod belt system. Other than that I'd say check out whats on the market and decide which one looks like it would best survive having the other pod-pouches hacked off while still meeting your needs.

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    empire used to make tank covers that had a lil elastic pod sleeve...thats a great option or just put your extra pod in your pocket?

    here is a pic of a tank cover w/pod sleeve:

    and then wen your not using the pod sleeve it can be hidden, just zip up tha lil pocket and it looks like a regular tank cover:

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