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Thread: eBay green

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    eBay green

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    Yes. And it has the metal frame too. Bonus

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    It's also pump milled. It went above my threshold though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by notoriousMAG View Post

    Mmmmmmm green. Did agd make colored rails?
    Yes AGD made colored rails. The did Red, green, blue, purple, Gold? Brown? Silver? Im unsure of the last three colors. Im pretty sure I remember them. Along with those rails you could get siterail, Va's & barrels (Minimag style & crownpoint style. Short & long.) in those colors.

    I have a AGD colored purple rail & minimag barrel on my Pumpmag. I have 2 purple Crownpoint barrels, a purple agd va, and siterail as well.

    This gun has the short Agd colored Crown point.

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    That's a sharp purple pump there!
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