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    Mag bits

    I bought out a closed shop and this stuff was in the mix. It should be new but repackaged, I'm looking to sell it as a lot.

    Mag Valve parts:
    Valve Half (5 stars) no internals-$15
    On/Offs 1 with pin one without.- $15 with pin, $10 without
    Bumpers-$2 for both
    Foamies $1 for all or free with any other mag purchase
    Spring Pack-$15
    Bottom half of On Offs (2 Available)- $5*
    Bag of nubbins/detents- $5 for all
    On/Off o rings (6)- $4 for all
    Sear- $8
    Trigger pin w/Clevis- $8 for both
    Buy the whole box for $55
    There is more stuff (low end) but everything Mag is going into this package.
    Flamethrower Army man not included!!!

    I only charge actual shipping cost but would be willing to partial trade for a DW cocker barrel that takes Freak backs (I forgot the name).
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    I'll take the whole lot.
    PM on the way.

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    Entire lot is pending.

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