First I will start by saying I am just getting into Automags and I do not know much about them. I have a Automag Rt Pro with a ule body, that I bought a couple years ago from an old friend. I didn't know much about it but he let me shoot it and I loved it. As far as I know its completely stock and I don't think he ever messed around with anything. I played with it for a year or two and I am just now starting to want to upgrade some of the parts. (just bought a clamping feed-neck, and an on/off asa) I see videos all over the place of peoples Automags shooting crazy fast whenever they touch the trigger. However mine when I can only get the trigger to bounce only now and then, and its not for long. I can shoot maybe 20 balls before it stops bouncing and I have to find the spot on the trigger again. I was wondering is there anything I have to do to the internals to allow more bounce? Not that I want to be able to do 25 balls a second every time the wind blows on the trigger, but I would like to not have to mess around with the trigger for a minute just to make it bounce. Its also worth mentioning that I have a shp ninja 68/4500 output pressure 1200 psi.