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    Smile Bunny's AGD Collection | AGDE Pallet Thread | Just added: Electric Skies RT

    AO: Welcome to my AGD Collection thread! Below you will see my history of paintball guns I have bought and sold over the years. My collection is mainly guns based on the E-mag platform. If you like E-mags, SFLs, and Xmags you have come to the right place. I have 48 guns to post up so sit back and enjoy.

    Please rate my thread!!!

    Check back often .

    Brass Eagle Talon: Still own*

    *photo from google

    I have to start somewhere. I played my first paintball game in 1999 and have been hooked ever since. I recently spoke with my friend who introduced me to paintball and told him that I still collected paintball guns. A few weeks ago he dropped by from Boston and gave me the Talon for a birthday present. It meant a lot to me. I'm actually trying to talk to him to go to Living Legends with me to play.

    Tippmann 98: Still own*

    After I started playing my parents bought me a Silver Tippmann 98. I couldn't stop thinking about how I could somehow mod it. Fast forward a year and you get a heavily modified Tippmann 98 with an RT trigger. The picture is from a tournament in Hopewell VA, photographed by the legendary Joshua Silverman. Josh was a friend of my friends dad so he hooked us up at the Pev's field in Woodbridge VA. Good times!!

    Crossman 3357: Sold

    *photo from google

    I saw it and had to have it. I bought and sold it pretty quick though. Can't remember why. It still looks bad ass to me.

    SFL E-mag #1 Still own*
    This was my first AGD product I have ever bought. My friend had to write a paper for school and chose to write it about paintball. He was able to call up Tom Kaye and interview him for 30 minutes over the phone. After I heard that story I thought, "Man, that company sounds pretty cool" a few months of lurking and I sign up for AO in March of 2002. Later that year I was able to purchase this SFL E-mag for $800.

    Lasoya Intimidator: Sold

    For an entire summer I saved up all my money to buy my first $1000 paintball gun. The gun I chose was the Lasoya Intimidator.

    Yellow Lasoya Intimidator:

    Hopefully you are starting to see a pattern. For whatever reason I really have the urge to customize my guns. I read online about anodizing and decided to send my parts off to Unfortunately, I learned a lesson about "dissolution." PrecisionPB was the same company that did the anodizing for At the time when I used them they were a relatively small garage anodizer. It really showed.

    Greenish Lasoya Intimidator:

    Round number 2!! After some BS with PrecisionPB I sent back all my parts and got them redone again. At this time a Black to Red CnC X-mag came up for sale and I decided to test the waters in a trade. I let the guy choose what color he wanted and had Pev's rebuild the gun.

    Black to Red Fade X-mag: Sold

    It took a while, but I was able to trade my Lasoya for a Black to Red Fade Xmag. I can't remember the serial off the top of my head, but it is on This X-mag begins my downward spiral...

    NXT Shocker: Sold

    I was bored on and decided I needed a loaner gun. Lol.

    Bob Long Marq 6: Sold

    Another purchase on It was a pretty good deal so I went for it. The seller disappeared for a month and after a few phone calls to paypal, his mother-in-law (lol), and the PD I was able to get the gun.

    SFL Emag #2: Still own*

    I caught the SFL bug and decided to look for another one. I posted a WTB thread on and someone had a polished silver SFL for sale. I decided to offer him a NXT Shocker, Marq 6, and cash to complete the deal. I was a little worried I would be outbidded by former X-mag collector A-Tach-One.

    Rex M2 "Autococker": Sold

    My friends wanted to play pump so I decided to get a cheap knock-off autococker. I had a few good games with it, but sold it. (If you haven't noticed, yes I am "bunny5". I really picked out a great username... lol)

    The legendary "Space Mag": Still own*

    I really need to update the Spacemag Appreciation Thread.... I'm still the owner of one of the original Spacemags created by Allen Hastie. Maghog posted this up for sale years ago and I quickly purchased it. It has a really cool history and was actually seized by the government for a short period of time. I actually played with this gun for a few games at Tunaball this year. I threw a VL3000 on top of it and it was a terrible idea for speedball.

    Tunaman Karta E-mag: Sold

    I purchased this Karta and played with it for a while. It was a real show piece. I broke my cardinal rule of automags, but we won't talk about that here.... :-(

    Standard "Euro" X-mag Project: Sold

    I bought a raw body from Ruler_mark and decided to design my paintball gun around the green european Xmags that OmniM use to own. I decided to use Gruntbull Anodizing since the last company didn't work out so great.

    Gruntbull Euro X-mag:

    A few other guys went through the same thing I did with Gruntbull that year. It was a pretty ugly battle since I posted my review on AO and PBN. I gave him two chances to fix the mistake and this was the result. If I remember correctly he called me an *******. lol.

    PK Selective Euro X-mag:

    I used PK Selective to test the anodizing quality because I was going to send my SFL emags in and didn't want any troubles. I think they delivered. I also had SPD color match the grips and the halo shells as well. I really regret selling this beast.

    Kapp Flame Pump Autococker: Sold

    I saw this posted on MCB and I really liked the colors. I thought to myself, "you never know, you may need a pump again."

    Tequila Fade Euro X-mag: Sold

    I started to track down Xmags in my free time and saw someone from PBN post this in a thread. I sent him a PM and offered him the Flame Autococker and some cash. He agreed and he shipped me this X-mag all the way from Poland. It was my first package I had to sent to a place where I had absolutely no clue what I was writing on the package. I'm glad it got there okay. I did have to sell it later to fund a few more projects of mine.

    Dallara: Sold

    I went looking for a Dallara body kit and decided to make a mech gun. I used PK Selective again for the anodizing and really enjoyed the build. Hopefully the new owner will post in the thread to say hello.

    Green ULE E-mag: Sold

    Dust Red SFL E-mag

    I think this was a parts build. Buying and trading automags, you sometimes get extras. I decided to build on E-mag around it and had do the anodizing. It wasn't 100% because the anodizer didn't take into account the different types of aluminum. If I remember correctly, I tried to sell this marker as a whole, but I had to part it out.

    68 Automag CF00714: Donated for Charity

    Classicmagger sold the gun to A-Tach-One and I bought it off of Eric when he liquidated his collection. It was the first Automag Level to be in production and it was purchased in 1991 in the UK brand new from Tom Kaye himself. I decided to donate it to the SoCal Cure Ball. I sent it over to TK and he signed it and put it up for auction. I wonder how much money it got.

    Dust Red SFL E-mag: Sold

    It all started with the idea that I could put together a thread on and see if I can help find most of the SFL Emags that still exist in the world. Like fellow AOers before, like Zakvetter and KayleAGD I thought I could organize all the data on the different forums/databases into a central thread on I started to search through old AO posts and found an interesting "Searching for all SFL Emags" post by KayleAGD. On this list was the blue prints of how to find out where the markers are now located. While going through the list compiling information I stumbled upon a SFL owner that was never on AO but his dad was a member. The list included his name (Mike) so I decided to send his dad an email to see if Mike still owned the marker.

    A month goes by without any email back, I figured the email address probably expired and that would be the end of that lead. Sure enough, a few weeks later I get a message from his Dad giving me Mikes new email address and I decided to draft an email asking questions about his SFL and possibly buying it as well.

    Mike replied back in a day and sent me pictures of his SFL Emag. I was shocked to actually get a reply along with pictures of his actual marker, a dust red SFL. We exchange a few more emails and we worked out a deal for his Original Dust Red SFL with matching Barrel.

    Later I sold this off to a person on AO. At one point I had 4 SFL emags and decided this one had to go. It was a really fun experience and can't wait to find another one. I really hope the new owner enjoys it.

    Dust Blue SFL E-mag: Sold

    This SFL was for sale on the market a few years back when I didn't have a steady job to afford paintball guns. I remember I tried to scrape up enough money to make an offer for this Dust Blue SFL but I was out bid by A-Tach-One. For a few years A-Tach-One owned the SFL Emag until December of 2009.

    As soon as I saw this SFL posted up I had to make a "healthy" offer. Luckily I was able to buy it from Eric and was able to track down one of the SFL emags I attempted to buy years before. Eric decided to add a clamping feedtube to the marker and I tracked down a Dust Silver Dye Back with a Dye 14in Dust Blue Front. My most favorite part of the SFL is the original box that it came with. It was just so crappy it is amazing that anyone would actually keep it to store an SFL inside of it.

    Later I sold this off to Rudi overseas and I think he still owns it. It is the most original SFL emag I have ever seen.

    Empire Mini: Sold

    Another pbnation deal. I really just needed another Halo B and found a great deal I couldn't pass up.

    720 X-mag: Sold

    This is a 720 Xmag created by Tunaman in one of the original batches of Xmags in 2003. Brad Palooza (who was an owner of the Paintball video company 720) decided to have two Xmag's custom made with the company colors... black, grey, and red.

    I purchased this marker in 2010 for a great price and it is in great condition. The marker has the original box, parts, and chronograph receipt. The previous owner, A-Tach-One decided to perform a CCM Clamping Feedtube mod and also installed a Fireblade Trigger.

    Another gun I really hated to part with. It was such a nice fade. I'm glad to see it is still floating around on AO.

    Pewter X-mag: Sold

    This is a Custom Xmag built by leftover parts from my SFL builds. When I was piecing together my SFLs I wanted each part to be 100% alot of my trades over the years resulted in parts that were not up to par so I decided to grab a Xmag body and got to perform the anodizing.

    The anodizing didn't quite come out the way I would hope. There was a bit of dissolution in the parts and you can see that they pooled on parts of the marker including the bottom of the battery pack, and the CCM Feedtube Ring. The marker also comes with a Warp Breach, Black Tunablade, Bob Long ASA, and a green LED screen. It was a fun build, and this is a marker that I will let my friends use on the field without worrying about them getting it scratched :-) I later sold this on AO to fund some more of my projects.

    Black E-mag:Still own*

    I needed a stock e-mag for a project of mine. I figured it was a lot cheaper to buy an entire e-mag instead of all the misc. parts. I bought pretty much everything except the body.

    Blue to Silver Fade X-mag:Still own*

    Here is my $450 Craigslist X-mag. It was used and abused and shoved into a box and shipped over to me from FL. It is currently going through restoration.

    Tac-One E-mag: Still own in some form or another...

    I needed a couple more parts and jumped on the chance to make a deal to get this for $450. My buddy's gf used this at tunaball and really enjoyed it. It was later parted out to complete my other projects.

    Orange SFL E-mag:Still own*

    This is actually the same SFL as my first one up top. I went ahead and sent it over to PK Selective for anodizing. This is my primary marker. It had a custom triggernomics trigger on it, but I sent it over to another AOer to tinker with it. I was pretty happy with the end result. Pictured above is me playing at Tunaball. It was a blast!

    Clear/Black Sponge with Red Splash SFL E-mag:Still own*

    This is the second SFL e-mag from earlier. I sent this SFL emag a year after I got the orange one done. It came out perfect. This is my museum quality show piece. It has tons of extra parts and I went way overboard with it. It also has a triggernomics trigger that took Dan 40 hours to create. I think this is my only MoTM winner. lol.

    Cosmos E-mag: Sold

    Here is another custom creation. I was attempting to put together E-mag #33, but the anodizer was having problems. Instead of having a crappy ano job I decided to let him do whatever he wanted with the design. This was done by FX anodizing. I was able to trade the e-mag for the Gloss Black X-mag above.

    Gloss Black X-mag: Still own*

    I bought this X-mag this past year and decided to turn it into a "Shatner" xmag. I've been researching the shatner xmags off and on for a while and realized it would be easier to find William Shatner than the 3 xmags that exist. I went to a con and got him to sign it.

    My idea for this gun is to have a custom battery housing milled with "Shatner The Supreme" on it.

    E-mag Prototype EM00035 Still own*

    You have seen some form of this gun earlier, I found two e-mag valves that were prototypes years ago. I went ahead and did a full restoration on them. If you are interested to see the build thread here.

    E-mag Prototype EM00033 Still own*

    Here is another cool prototype e-mag. This was Darkrippers old e-mag from 2001ish. If you are interested check out the build thread here.

    "John Sosta" Dark Tequila X-mag: Still own*

    I saw this posted on AO and quickly saw the milled gripframe. I have been obsessing over the "John Sosta" style xmags ever since I saw pictures from Warpig in 2002. I decided to do a full restoration. Take a look at the build thread here.

    Shockwave E-mag Project: Still own*

    Here is another project that is currently being held hostage. I keep getting the "run around" from the guy restoring this for me. I have been waiting since February and have heard very little about it. It should look pretty nice once it is completed.
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    Update! We are halfway there..... lol

    I can't wait to show you guys my birthday present I got this year....

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    Ooooooooh I can't wait to see all this

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    Note to self: buy whatever bunny posts in BST

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    Two words...

    Gun whore.

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    lol. Thanks guys! The sad thing is i'm probably leaving out many more guns. It is pretty scary once you start to put them in chronological order. (which I threw out the window halfway through) Post up and let me know what you guys think.

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    I tried to rate your thread Bunny but I couldn't find the "Envious" rating level

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    that's amazing."You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes." RU

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    So the term 'motherload' needs to be updated in the dictionary, and will now include these pics. Good god of all that's holy. Good for you!

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    Now I know what you meant when you said you had another project in the works. . .

    . . . and maybe you can even give tuna a run for his money on emag/xmag parts now.

    Seriously, you either have enough stuff to keep your personal armory running from now until the end of time, or the entire current working fleet of e/x in the world going for a very long time.


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    I actually might cry over these pics

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