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Thread: Ano Bake Sale - Automag Parts, Freak Tips

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    Ano Bake Sale - Automag Parts, Freak Tips

    Trying to get some money put aside for an ano job, not looking for any trades really except for possibly a ULE AGD body.

    Prices include US shipping with payment through Paypal. I usually ship the least expensive way possible for both of us. Please Post, then PM me. Feel free to ask any questions or request close up pics. Feel free to make an offer. I will also knock a couple bucks off of shipping if multiple items are purchased. Thanks -Audio

    Conditions are subjective, but here are my ratings.
    Very Good

    1. Hand Polished Hopper-left Power Feed Body, Very Good. SOLD
    2. AGD Back Bottle ASA, Excellent. $15 or $10 with rail. SOLD
    3. Luke's ULE Teth milling on a Longbow ready Tac Rail. Excellent. Minor ding near sear pin hole. Would probably buff out if you got it anodized. $75
    4. AM/MM Rail. Has twistlock pin and holes for back bottle ASA. Very Good, minor edge wear on back. $25
    5. Vert ASA. Very Good, looks new except for one tool mark near port. KEEPING
    6. RPG 15* ASA. Will work on AM/MM rail or RT Rail and comes with both screws. Very Good, looks new but RT screw holes first two threads are stripped, once you get past those they are fine. SOLD
    7. Bike Grip. Excellent. SOLD
    8. Bike Grip. Excellent. SOLD
    9. Benchmark non-gas thru Fore Grip. Minor scratches but still Very Good. SOLD
    10. Custom Wood Grips for single hole frames. Not sure on wood type. Just had these refinished so they look brand new. SOLD
    11. Quick Disconnects x2, Very Good. $10 each.
    12. Gloss Black Shocktech Drop, #4. Very Good, wear from average use. $12
    13. Black Stock. Good, edge wear from use. No air fittings. SOLD
    14. Gloss Blue Freak Tip 12", excellent. $20
    15. Gloss Black AA Freak Tip 13"ish. Minor surface wear. $20
    16. Gloss Black Freak Tip 14". Very Good, minor nick on tip. SOLD
    17. Dye Twistlock Ultralite, no stamp 12". Very Good, wear from average use. $25
    18. CP .689 Autococker threaded 12". Like New. $20
    19. Freak Inserts Set, .684, .687, .689 I would like to keep together as a set. $25 for the three.

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