Hello all I have a question that if answered will give me unequalled happiness and joy.

I love my stock 45 grip frame on my minimag xvalve/lvl10.

it's the reason I fell in love with Mags and the reason I love to play with them but I have a problem. I also play with a WARP feed.

the sensor works pretty well but it isn't precise I want Intelli frame but I can't give up my .45 grip frame.

Can I find a .45 inteli frame? Or make one?

My gun

black minimag with left powerfeed
*xvalve w/lvl 10,*
warp feed with dye shelf hopper (works great)
*Stock trigger frame with wood .45 grips. (Makes me love the gun)
Doc's autococker adapter with apex barrel.
Remote line ninja 3000 check valve