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Thread: ule automag build problem

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    ule automag build problem

    I recently got all of the parts needed to assemble a ULE automag which include:
    1. lukes milled MM rail
    2. ULE mainbody
    3. VD carbon fiber foregrip
    4. intelliframe
    5. tuned x valve with level 10 and ule trigger pull kit installed( i had it previously on my PTP Micromag. It gassed up, no leaks, and rt'd very well)
    6. 68/4500 ninja SHP 1100 psi output
    7. RT Pro sear with MM sear pin to fit into the MM rail slot

    the problem im having is that when i gas it up, It gasses up fine with no leaks, the bolt cocks and everyhting, however when i pull the trigger, it fires and then seems to get stuck and then it takes a few seconds to reset itself and then will fire again after like 6 seconds or so. I was woundering what might me the problem. I had the x valve in my PTP micromag and it worked with no issues but when i put it in my newly assembled ULE mag it had that issue. Any feedback would be appreciated, Thanks

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    athomas will chime in,
    but try and tighten or loosen the thumb screw in the rear of the frame. doesn't take much.
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    loosen/ check the detents, if they are too tight they will cause a bolt stick

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbaggin View Post
    loosen/ check the detents, if they are too tight they will cause a bolt stick
    yeah meant to say that too.

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    Have you changed the ULT setup from when you had it in the PTP micromag? The PTP mags use a shorter pin than regular mag setups. You may be getting bolt stick issues due to the ULT having too many shims.

    Also, check that the ULE body is not bottoming out in the pim hole in the rail. If it does, the body might flex on the rail a bit when you tighten it. The solution would be to file the bottom of the pim on the body until it doesn't touch the bottom of the hole.

    I take it that you have had the RT pro sear machined flat on the sides and then drilled out to fit the larger MM/AM pin?
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