I recently got all of the parts needed to assemble a ULE automag which include:
1. lukes milled MM rail
2. ULE mainbody
3. VD carbon fiber foregrip
4. intelliframe
5. tuned x valve with level 10 and ule trigger pull kit installed( i had it previously on my PTP Micromag. It gassed up, no leaks, and rt'd very well)
6. 68/4500 ninja SHP 1100 psi output
7. RT Pro sear with MM sear pin to fit into the MM rail slot

the problem im having is that when i gas it up, It gasses up fine with no leaks, the bolt cocks and everyhting, however when i pull the trigger, it fires and then seems to get stuck and then it takes a few seconds to reset itself and then will fire again after like 6 seconds or so. I was woundering what might me the problem. I had the x valve in my PTP micromag and it worked with no issues but when i put it in my newly assembled ULE mag it had that issue. Any feedback would be appreciated, Thanks