I haven't owned a 'mag in years and never one with a Z-grip. I'm considering using a Z-grip on an upcoming project and had a few questions..

1) does the trigger push on a pin to ultimately actuate the valve, or is it more like a 'cocker, where the trigger is shaped to hit the sear? can a return spring be fitted? my application will be using a micro-switch

2) do all Z-grips have the 'wings,' or are some milled flat?

3) how much room is there inside the frame? would a 9v fit? thinking of perhaps getting Luke's CFL milling... or perhaps one of Luke's Vert frames

I want to try and stuff a Universal T-board, switch, and 9v into whatever frame I use. Will be using a 90/45 on either a stiletto drop or NDZ drop kick (or FBM wedge) - look for a nice, tight, ergonomic set-up.

any info would be greatly appreciated; thanks!