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Thread: More Craigslist Fun / My New Inexpensive Toy

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    Wink More Craigslist Fun / My New Inexpensive Toy

    Been using a Geo+ for several years, recently selling it.

    Upgraded to an Ego11 but just couldnt get used to it so I sold it.

    Ended up with a like new Etha for almost free.

    PE sent me the springless poppit upgrade for free.

    Bought a used Techt MRT bolt, boy that helped the sound signature a lot (sounded like a hammer hitting a barrel).

    The marker has the feel of a Geo, just as easy to maintain.

    But what intrigued me was the EMC kit you can put on it.

    Ok yeah, did put a Freak barrel with Apex2 tip on it.

    TechT MRT bolt and thats about the extent of upgrades except for the EMC kit and Magpul AFG2 foregrip.

    (yes I know, I mistakenly bought OD green from an Ebay seller that had black too, but was to busy to change it for me, I'm going to try RIT liquid dye on it)

    Hows that for an inexpensive but still pretty neat looking marker ?

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    Very nice.

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