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Thread: Classic Mag feedneck trimming methods?

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    Classic Mag feedneck trimming methods?

    I have a couple bodies that have been trimmed down by previous owners and wanting to do the same to a couple more...looking for a nice clean cut.

    Any advice on methods?...or is this just a hackey hack saw kinda job?

    One of the bodies I have has circular grooves on the neck below where it was trimmed...perhaps from hand held pipe cutter....? I have a standard feed body that was powder coated many years ago and would like to cut it down without destroying the finish on the rest of the body(feedneck doesn't matter).

    Also curious if power feed right bodies are hard to find?

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    hacksaw and a file

    dont cut it too short and use a straight edge for the love of god

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    I use masking tape as a guide. Wrap it around a couple of times and if you start getting into it, you know you're off course. Also helps to have some good files around. I personally use a bench sander to get my as straight as possible afterwards.

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    Awesome, thanks!

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    Tubing cutter here. Works flawless. Then just buff the slight burr on the inside.

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    I've trimmed down a couple at work on a mill. A littlle more time consuming but the outcome is as clean as you'll get. I'm sure Luke would do it for you.

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    hack it and smooth out the inside. use a fresh blade for best results. be careful of the swarthe, it can be sharper than any razorblade. and the best piece of advice: measure twice, cut once and you can always take more material off, but you can't put it back on.

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    Tubing cutter for easiest, quickest and cleanest method imo.

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    Tube cutter and file for best results. Hacksaw, vice, and file also works.
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