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Thread: what is the fastest recharging inline regulator on the market?

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    what is the fastest recharging inline regulator on the market?

    What is the fastest inline reg I can get?

    Lets say I wanted somthing that can keep up with an xvalve.. 20 bps...

    I know your most of your opinions will be you dont need inline reg on xvalve I agree but I have many other guns including cockers and sheridans.

    I am going to buy a very good inline reg soon. I want to know what the best fastest reg is..

    I would prefer it to be a flat black low prileish. Like a palmers stabilizer..

    Thank you

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    AKALMP STS is the fastest recharge I've encountered, and the tall top adds volume. That said, it won't keep up with an X-valve and it will starve out. I use AKA on all of my autocockers.

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    Most will say the aka 2liter. However, most modern regs (pps fatty, bob long 360, pe violent, dye hyper 3.....heck, even the cp gen 3s) are more than adequate for all but the most "exotic" builds (ie triple barrel ones).
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    Why are you putting a reg on an XValve?

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    i would look at your source, as a consistent tank reg, would give you a better flow to that reg. that reg, should be something that is AKA, whether that's a Sidewinder, 2Liter or STS. though, you can use a Hyper series, as its a direct copy of the Sidewinder, albeit in a lower pressure setting. don't know how they preform at high pressures 800psi+, as i use them mostly in the mid to low range.

    also, you can always get the reg powder coated or anno'd to your liking.

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